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- AUGUST 31st, 2020 - 

REVISED & UPDATED EDITION (the current version is now 1.6) 

•  One major change - a revised section on Adobes' new Camera RAW 12.3

•  A few minor changes: addition of some QR Codes, cosmetic, typos


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This book is specific to Photoshop CC

This is "not just another Photoshop Book ..."

I mean, really  - there must be millions of Photoshop books out there, right? - - but how many of them are written by a custom photographic printer with over 35 years of experience working with some of the finest photographers in the world?

Why is this book different?

It's unique because it’s written for photographers (NOT graphic artists!) and focuses on what makes a good color print.  This book will show you how to use the basics of Photoshop to achieve your desired printing results, using your computer and printer / custom lab.

Frustrated by the "Learning Curve" with Photoshop?

This book will show you how to effectively navigate through a complex program, showing those functions that you really need and want as a photographer.

You'll benefit from this Book if:
  • If you’re just getting started in Photoshop and Digital Printing, then this book is for you - I take the "propeller-head" out of the process!
  •  If you have Photoshop and Digital printing experience, but you've been disappointed with the results, 

Why does this cost a bit more than other Photoshop books?

Allow me to answer that with a question: What is your time worth?  When you purchase my book, that's when our relationship starts - not too many other Photoshop books  can claim that - -  I encourage you to contact me, via email or phone, as you're going through the book - you're going to have questions, and I want to answer them.


    • Over 130+ pages
    • Organized in a unique system for ease and speed of learning
    • Relevant illustrations, examples, and tips
    • Based on “real life” images, not "perfect" images

    PLEASE NOTE: The Kindle version is best viewed on tablet devices or larger, especially Kindle for Mac / PC - not suitable for e-readers. On iOS devices, external links may not work due to legal issues between Amazon and Apple.

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    "John, your book shows a deep understanding of the fact that in undertaking the writing of an instructional book, it's every bit as important to know what NOT to include as it is to know what to include.  When I sought other sources for information on the various tools and functions, I was immediately bogged down with overly confusing and useless information that I'd never use.

    I spent a lot of time with your book, working thru each step in your workflow, and it really paid off.  Your book is the perfect overview of the program, and includes things that everyone will need regardless of the type of work they do.  From there it is easy to jump off into areas of greater concentration.  After spending about ten hours with your book, I feel more familiar with the program than I could have ever imagined."  

    Adam Orr Fine Art
    Carlsbad, CA

    "John simplifies Photoshop with a smooth workflow that works for me every time.  I wish I had bought his book earlier on.  The K.I.S.S. approach takes the fear away and I'm using tools I wouldn't have considered before.  My confidence (and speed) is much higher and I can't wait to try the new things I learned at his seminars this summer at the Fair.  I know I can find answers to glitches along the way either in the book on my shelf (and computer) or from him directly.  Thanks, John---and my photos thank you also!!!"

    Patty Roth
    San Diego, CA

    "John, I have been working with Photoshop CS2 & 3 for almost 3 years. I am self-taught and I thought I knew a lot about the program. I’ve only studied 9 Chapters in your ebook and I’ve learned about techniques and nooks and crannies in Photoshop that I never knew existed. I’m familiar with some of the material in the book but you explain it in such a way that I look at what I’ve been doing in a different way now. Thanks for publishing this helpful book."

    Jim Gillock
    Wimberly, TX

    "Hello John, Got the E-Book downloaded last night. WOW! This is the best Photoshop book that I have read and I have read many. Thanks for a great learning tool!"

    Frank Carter
    Wilmington, NC

    "You have a knack for presenting information in a way a person can understand – The chapters on Color Management are great!"
    Eric Johnson
    Escondido, CA

    "I am having great fun and learning a lot from your book…"
    Graham Mason
    Glossop, Australia

    "You are so easy to understand and you know what you’re talking about…"
    Diane Anderson
    San Diego, CA