One-on-One Photoshop Instruction
Live via the Internet

Designed Especially for Photographers

Now you're able to sit in front of your computer and spend time learning any aspect of Photoshop "one-on-one" from John Watts - live and interactive, from the comfort of your home or office - using GoToMeetings' simple interface and the power of the Internet. 

We'll be working on YOUR images, and at YOUR pace -
you can be assured of privacy, since we're NOT sharing webcams - only our voices & monitors! 

•  Subject ideas: Build a "Master File" from A to Z, Layer Mask Basics,  Proper Cropping techniques, Dodging & Burning, and so on.  For more ideas, see the Table of Contents from my book, or check out my blog.


$75 per hour
$40 per half-hour

  • Includes a recording of the session
  • Follow-up questions via email encouraged
  • Based on the proven principles in my Photoshop Book
  • Flexible appointment hours - weekday and evening appointments available
  • Customized to your individual needs & experience level
  • Easy payment via CC / Paypal 

 Here's how to get started:

Although it's not absolutely necessary, I'd suggest that you use earbuds (rather than your computers' speakers) to avoid feedback issues.

2)  If you're unsure if your computer system, audio, and internet are "up to the challenge", click here for a GoToMeeting "Self-Check" - (Google Browser recommended).

3)  Purchase my Book or eBook - That way we're on the same page, literally :)

4) To make a reservation,  please contact me directly ...

5)  Once we agree to meet, simple instructions on how to join the online session will be sent to you well in advance.