Master File Creation


 No San Diego Fair Photo Contest this year?  

No problem - we've still got "Specials" ...

• Master File Creation Service (shown below) - $40, all formats

•  Mounted & Laminated Custom 16x20 Prints - (more here) - $99

Good through July 1st, 2021 ...
More on 2021's Contest postponement here


What is a Master File, and why do you need one?

•  A Master File is a multi-purpose, multi-layered, un-cropped and un-sharpened 16-bit TIFF or PSD File of a photographic image.  Here's where you'll pour ALL artistic and creative "blood, sweat & tears" into your image.
•  Think of it as your "final image",  from which all further uses of this image derive  -  It has been enhanced and prepped so that you can crop, sharpen, convert to 8-bit, reduce or enlarge in size, save as a JPG for the web, and so on, depending on your needs.

 Why should you use John Watts to create one?
In a nutshell, experience - I generally know what works, and what doesn't ...
• I've been privileged over the last 35+ years to work in partnership with some of the world’s finest photographers,  both professionals and avid amateurs. I also have a knack for making superior color prints for these photographers.  I've now taken that expertise and applied it to the world of Digital Imaging Education.  I've also been a regular photo judge at many popular photo contests throughout Southern California over the years.
•  Ever wanted to see what an experienced custom printer could do for your images? Now's your chance ...

How John can also make this a "teaching moment":
I'll save your Master File as unflattened 16bit PSD - - You can open it in Photoshop and see, layer by layer, what has been done to your image to optimize it.  I'll work on your image  from your instructions, and make suggestions as the process unfolds.

 The process:

This is definitely an "artist/craftsman" relationship, and communication is key.  First, you upload the image to me, we'll discuss your image and what you'd like to do with it, I'll make recommendations, then I get to work.   When I have something that I believe works, I'll email you a low-res test JPG, and we can discuss until your Master File is completed.

 What you Get:

•  You will receive the following on a thumb drive or delivered electronically:  your original file, your Master File, and one "to size" file".

•  Please note that you should never sharpen your Master File.  The amount of sharpening that is necessary for a 16x20 is much more than it would be for an 8x10 - - If you sharpen your Master File for a 16x20, your 8x10 will be over-sharpened.  It is best to sharpen each time for the intended output size.

•  With that in mind, I'll include one file "to-size" (your choice of size) that is flattened, sharpened, cropped, converted to 8-bit, and so on. Additional "to-size" files are $5 each.

 Pricing / turnaround time:

•  The price is $50 to $60 for most files, but can be higher depending on the amount of work necessary (i.e. Panoramic from multiple files, HDR from multiple files, excessive cloning, etc.)

•  Turnaround depends on the amount of work necessary, but is typically 2 to 3 business days.  

•  Please note that your best results will
always come from a RAW file!

Simply Upload your Image(s),
then Contact John to get started!