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My "Photoshop 101" Series videos 
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By the way, here's a link to free recordings of recent "Photoshop 101"  Meetups:

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Are you looking for Photoshop instruction designed for photographers? 
 Look no more - I've been showing photographers how to successfully use Photoshop through our Meetups since 2009! 

My name is John Watts of Watts Digital Imaging, and I'm a "post-processing" specialist for photographers - - you take the "perfect shot", and I'll help you get the absolute most out of it - your printer or mine.

I specialize in serving the digital post-processing needs of photographers, whether it’s Photoshop Instruction & Services, LightJet Digital Prints & Finishing, or Color Management Products & Services.  

I’ve been involved professionally in photographic imaging & printing in Southern California for over 35 years, and would love to share what I know with you. Click Here for a full biography…


We offer 2 kinds of Photoshop Meetups  - General Meetup Classes & Small-Group Meetup Workshops - - 

•  FREE General Meetup Classes:   

•  For those of you who are new (or fairly new) to Photoshop, here's a series of General Meetup classes that you can't miss - and for seasoned veterans, here's a chance to get back to the basics!  Best of all, they're FREE.

•  Just like any discipline worth pursuing, learning the fundamentals is essential - - and that's what you'll get with these 5 General Meetup classes, aptly called the "Photoshop 101" series.  

•  These are held sequentially throughout the year, in a seminar-type format - attend all 5 "Photoshop 101" classes (even if not sequentially, and more than once if you want!), and you'll be starting on a rock-solid foundation, so come join us (more than once, if you want!).


•  Small Group Workshop Meetups:

•  If you’ve ever wanted discover specific cutting-edge features of Photoshop CC, 
now’s your chance to learn from John Watts - online, live and interactive.

•  These reasonably-priced Workshops are limited to 4 students ONLY - using YOUR images!

•  There's a different specialized Photoshop subject for each Workshop - Layer Masks, Finishing Touches, and more  ...

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Oh, and if you're interested, ALL Meetups are centered around the proven principles of my book, "Not Just Another Photoshop Book"available at Amazon. 

Looking for other Photoshop / Digital Printing / Color Management  resources?  Check out my website:

Look forward to meeting you!


John :-)


Free Photoshop General Meetups  - Technical Details

To all who RSVP (required to join the Meetup):  A link to the extensive class notes & "how to join" link (via PDF) will be sent out approximately 24 hours prior to the Meetup, as well as 1 hour before the meetup - see below for specific instructions on how to join, plus some technical things you can easily check right now before the Meetup.

Due to the limitations of this live online format, I won’t be using any audio, webcams or computer screens from attendees - to avoid "mass confusion", the only audio will be from me, and we’ll only be watching my computer screen (no webcam of my ugly mug, thank you very much!). 

Questions during the seminar are definitely encouraged, but will be limited to GoToMeeting’s built-in chat function.


•  If necessary, here are specific instructions on how to join these live online Meetups:


•  If you'd like to test your computer system's compatibility, please click here (Chrome Browser recommended):

After System Check, be sure to click on “Join a Test Session” on the same screen to see that it all works, and give you an idea of how the interface works.

Problems?  GoToMeeting Technical Support:

•  For reference, here’s an Attendee Guide for the GoToMeeting Web App - but note that we will not be using most of the features discussed, such as “share your screen”, etc.: