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No San Diego Fair Photo Contest this year?  

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• Master File Creation Service (more here) - $40, all formats

•  Mounted & Laminated Custom 16x20 Prints - (more here) - $99

Good through July 1st, 2021 ...
More on 2021's Contest postponement here

Photoshop and Digital Printing can be simple - 
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I specialize in serving the digital post-processing needs of photographers, whether it’s Photoshop Instruction & Services, LightJet Digital Prints & Finishing, or Color Management Products & Services.

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I just got your book, and I can't put it down.  I like what you've done with this format and focusing only on what is needed.  You'v cut through all of the nonsense, and got me to where I need to be.  It is right on.  I've seen many other books on PS, but this is by far the best for us 
photographers.  It's very easy to follow, and very clear to read.  It's well worth the money!"

Ted Spriggs, Jr.
San Diego, CA


If you’re looking at Photoshop for the very first time, the application is intimidating.  Where do you start?  With someone that has done it for years, someone that has written books that can support the teaching, and someone who is a master printer that keeps it real!  John M. Watts, Jr. of Watts Digital is that person.  If you want to get started now, and crack open this powerful application - call John.  He will show you the simple workflow from Camera, to Bridge, to Photoshop, to printing!  After all, isn’t that want we really want - a fantastic photograph for the wall?!  

John keeps the teaching on track, he comes to your home, teaches you on your computer, and his wit will keep the stress of learning at bay. Never mess up an original file again - with John’s Master File lesson, understand the nuances of colors, tone, grasp the basics of layers, dodging, short cuts, and more!  We've taken John’s class and we own his book - and this is 'NOT JUST Another Photoshop Book'!"

Judy Dunham
JDSR Photography
San Diego CA


"John's ability to create professional quality prints by using only core Photoshop tools is impressive. His method puts the power of Photoshop to work for those who may otherwise be intimidated by the software. I highly recommend attending one of his workshops and buying his book"

Frank Piermarini
San Diego, CA


"These prints are a "10", John - You made them great. The quality of workmanship is not only commendable, but spectacular. Very impressed - Thank you!"

Jay A. Haines
President / CEO
Texcote, Inc.
Panama City, FL 

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