Online Small Group Workshops
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Designed Especially for Photographers

 Upcoming Scheduled Workshops

•   "The Power of Layer Masks in Photoshop" - 3 "group Sessions" total + 1 hour of 1:1 Instruction
Thursdays, July 22nd, 29th & August 5th - 6 PM to 7:30 PM PST $200 Click here for more

•   "Photoshop  - The Finishing Touches" - 2 group "Sessions" total + 1 hour of 1:1 Instruction
Tuesdays, August 10th & 17th - 6 PM to 7:30 PM PST - $150 -  Click here for more 

Are you ready to discover specific specialized cutting-edge features of Photoshop CC?  
Now’s your
chance to learn from John Watts - online, live and interactive.

•  These Workshops are limited to 4 students ONLY - using YOUR images!  

•  T
here's a different specialized 
Photoshop subject for each Workshop
 - Layer Masks, Finishing Touches, and more on the way ...

•  And you can be assured of privacy, since we're NOT sharing webcams - only our voices
& monitors.

"I'm so glad I found your free "Photoshop 101" classes on Meetup, because that led me to the "Finishing Touches" and "Layers" Small Group Workshops. Your teaching method is fun and
easy to follow. I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me with Photoshop. Thank you!"

Cheryl M - Oceanside,  CA

•  T
hese Workshops are reasonably priced - between $150 to $200 per Workshop, depending
on the subject matter.

  There are UP TO THREE online group "Sessions" for each Workshop (depending on the subject).  Each "Session" is 1.5 hours in length - that's a total of up to 4.5 hours of
personalized, "hands-on" group instruction, with only you, 3 other students, & myself -
again, using YOUR images ...

•  For select Workshops, you'll also receive ONE HOUR of "one-on-one" Instruction
(after the group "Sessions" are completed), at a time of your choosing.

•  The 
group "Sessions" are held on separate weekday early evenings
(6 PM - 7:30 PM, PST), one week apart, over a period of up to 3 weeks.

•  On some Workshops, there will also be fun "homework" assigned between some group "Sessions" (with provided images files & a "cheat sheet") to speed up the learning curve.

•  Copious new notes (beyond my PS Book) are included - - also includes a "Rough Cut"
(no editing) video recording from each "session".

"If you want to advance your skills and knowledge in Photoshop, take one of John Watts’s Small  Group Workshops either on “Layers” or “Finishing Touches”. I took both classes and I learned so much in a short amount of time. John made it easy to follow and fun to learn. I now have a good
solid workflow for enhancing and improving my images.  
Many thanks John for sharing your
expertise and your patience  in addressing all my Photoshop questions during and after class." 

Priscilla M.- Poway, CA

"The 'Photoshop 101' classes and Small Group Workshops are such a great way to learn the processes.  Thank you for your patience and always being willing to work on a problem with us. 
I have learned so much and have conquered my fear of learning Photoshop."

Mary K - San Diego, CA

Here's what more of my clients are saying:

"Thanks, John. Just finished reviewing the session recording. It went very well. Your comments were some of the best I can recall and the discussion with the members very lively. And your droll sense of humor always appreciated.  It couldn’t have gone better!"

Patrick C - Fallbrook, CA

our Classes are awesome and I'm amazed at what you can do with photos.   I cannot thank you enough for teaching this class.  I’ve been self educating myself for the past year trying to find good information or tutorials on photoshop, and yours are the best!  I really enjoy all of your free General Meetup classes as well.  These classes are great to get me on a schedule."  

Kris S - Rockford, MI

"Incredibly informative.  Watts is the place to learn!"    

Ryan H - San Diego, CA

"Your class was very good. You are a well organized and logical instructor. While I am still processing the information I am confident through practice I will be able to master layers."    

Patricia G. - San Diego, CA



•  Required:  My current Photoshop Book ( PDF or Paperback), & at least 4 of your RAW files in advance (depending on the subject) ...

•  Suggested: Although it's not absolutely necessary, I'd suggest that you use earbuds (rather than your computers' speakers) to avoid feedback issues.

• Suggested: So that you’re familiar with my teaching style & “system”, attendance at a few of my free online General Meetups before we meet is highly recommended - - OR, at a minimum, review some of the free "Photoshop 101" video recordings, especially Class 2 & Class 4.

  Suggested: A relatively current version of Photoshop CC.  Don't have Photoshop CC?Download here:

Technical Details

To all who RSVP:  A link to the syllabus, class notes, "how to join" link, receipt & more will be emailed out approximately 2 - 3 business days after you RSVP & make a payment.

If necessary, 
see below for specific instructions on how to join via GoToMeeting, plus some technical things you can easily check right now before the Workshop.

Questions and interaction during the seminars are definitely encouraged, as we'll all be able to talk amongst each other - yay!  Remember, we're only sharing voices & monitors.


•  If necessary, here are specific instructions on how to join 
these Small Group Workshops:


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